Board Responsibilities


The board consists of seven board members and four alternates. The membership will consist of a building contractor, a licensed master electrician, a representative from the local electrical service provider, a licensed master plumber, a representative from the local gas service provider, and two individuals with a working knowledge of the representative trades. The four alternates can possess any of the above requirements. Administrative support for this Board is provided by the code administration department.

The Building Trades and Fire Code Board of Appeals (BTFCBA) was created in 2000 to combine the functions of the three construction trade boards which existed at that time. Those were the Board of Electrical Examiners, the Building Fire Code Board of Appeals, and the Plumbing Board.

Board Recommendations

The BTFCBA makes recommendations for the adoption, improvement, enforcement, and administration of the National Electrical Code (NEC), the Uniform Building Code (UBC), the Uniform Fire Code (UFC), the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC), the Uniform Sign Code (USC), and the National Life Safety Code (NLSC). Recommendations for local amendments and standards as well as permit and licensing standards associated with those codes are developed by the board and staff and forwarded to the City Council for their consideration as ordinance amendments.

The BTFCBA also acts in an appeals capacity regarding the decisions of the building official and fire marshal as they concern building construction and fire prevention issues. Either official's decision may be appealed to the BTFCBA and affirmed, modified, or overturned. The BTFCBA may consider appeals regarding interpretations and applications of the above referenced codes, and to consider alternative means of compliance and alternative materials and methods of construction not addressed by those codes.

Level of Authority: Recommendations for ordinance amendments are forwarded to the City Council for consideration. On other decisions, the BTFCBA is the final authority on all matters for which it is responsible, unless the decision is appealed to the City Council.