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Parks Advisory Board
  • 5:00 pm 
  • Quarterly on the second Thursday of each month 
  • City Council Chambers
    901 Broadway St.
    Plainview, TX 79072 

View the most recent agenda for the Parks Advisory Board. Agendas are available prior to each meeting. 

  • Ruby Riggins, District 1 Representative
    Term expired January 1, 2018
  • Sandra Sims, District 2 Representative
    Term expires January 2019
  • Wendy Medina, District 3 Representative
    Term expires January 2019
  • Phyllis Wall, District 4 Representative
    Term expires January 2020
  • Joani Chapman, District 5 Representative
    Term expires January 2018               
  • Kandace Thurman, District 6 Representative
    Term expires January 2018             
  • Emily Parker, District 7 Representative
    Term expires January 2019
  • Homer Marquez, Mayor Representative
    Term expires January 2019

Board Responsibilities
The Parks Advisory Board (PAB) consists of eight board members. It makes recommendations to the City Council in regard to the open space planning, parks, and recreation planning and/or purchase, disposal, or trade of such lands.  Administrative support is provided by the public works division.
It makes recommendations involving the coordination of the parks and recreation master plan, or future plans, within the City of Plainview Parks Department, recommendations on any matter pertaining to open space, parks, recreation, or land planning problems, and recommendations on priorities for spending funds. The PAB shall not lobby the City Council for appropriations, but will merely make recommendations on how appropriated funds should be expended. 

Level of Authority: PAB recommendations regarding fees and rates are considered for approval by the City Council. On other decisions, the PAB is the final authority in these areas of responsibility, unless appealed to the City Council.

901 Broadway St.
Plainview, TX 79072
(806) 296-1100