Report an Animal Bite

How to Report Being Bitten by an Animal

If bitten by an animal:

  • Contact Animal Management at (806) 296-1158 and be prepared to provide the following details:
    • Type of animal
    • Breed (if known)
    • Color
    • Gender (if known)
    • Location of animal
    • Current rabies vaccination of animal (if known)
    • Your contact information
    • Information regarding the owner of the animal (if known)
    • Any witness contact information
  • Try to contain the animal for Animal Management if this can be done safely. If the family pet bites, it still must be reported to Animal Management. If the animal cannot be contained, try to keep it under observation or locate its owner until Animal Services arrive.

 Please note: Any animal (vaccinated or unvaccinated) that bites may be quarantined for a period of 10 days.