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Common COVID-19 Questions                                          

Hale County, City of Plainview Stay-At-Home Directive                                                                              

SPANISH - Stay-At-Home Directive

3.31.2020 - Stay-At-Home Directive Explained

Am I a Low Risk Business?

Plainvew Fire Department Reminder to Businesses                                                        

turkey day 1
turkey day 2
symptoms of covid allergies cold

Social Distancing

Social Distancing- plainview poster

How Can I help - Personal

How Can I Help Personal

How Can I Help - Business

How Can I Help Business

Covid 19: What to Do

COVID-19 What to Do Poster

How COVID-19 Spreads - English

How COVID Spreads English

Hand Washing - Remember to Wash these Areas

Remember to Wash These Areas

How COVID-19 Spreads - Spanish

How COVID Spreads Spanish

COVID-19: What to Do if You're Sick

What to do if Sick

Stop the Spread of Germs


Stop the Spread of Germs - Spanish


COVID-19 & You - English

COVID 19 and you english

Sick with COVID-19 - English

Steps if have COVID

COVID-19 & You - Spanish

COVID 19 and you spanish

Sick with COVID 19 - Spanish

sick with covid spanish

DSHS Share Facts about COVID-19


DSHS Share Facts about COVID-19 - Spanish

DSHS-ShareFacts spanish

How to Wash Your Hands Properly

hand washing

Coronavirus Guidance

Coronavirus Guidance

COVID-19 Scams


Coronavirus Symptoms

symptoms of covid