Coronavirus (CoVID-19) Information

03.21.2022 Weekly Report
Testing Sites
Updated CDC Isolation  Quarantine Guidelines
Booster Doses
Plainview COVID-19 Vaccine Sites Updated 01.04.2022


Resolution R21 - 538

Resolution R21 - 534

Resolution R21-533

Resolution R21-531

Resolution R21-526

Resolution R21-524

Resolution R21-516

Resolution R21-514

Resolution R21-511

Resolution R21-509

Governor Abbott Executive Order GA-34



Resolution R20-501

Resolution R20-500

10.26.2020 County, City Exceed 15% Hospitalizations, Restaurants, Retail at 50% Occupancy

Resolution R20-494

Governor Abbott Executive Order GA-32

Resolution R20-493

Governor Abbott Executive Order GA-30

Governor Abbott Executive Order GA-31

Resolution R20-492

Resolution R20-490

7.15.2020 Hale County, City of Plainview Extends Disaster Declaration to August 11th, Adopts Governor’s Executive Orders GA-28 & GA-29

City Council Resolution R20-486 - Adopting Governor’s Orders GA-28 & GA-29

Governor Abbott Executive Order GA-29

Mayoral Order GA-28

6.29.2020 Hale County, City of Plainview Issue Resolutions to Adopt Governor Abbott’s Executive Order GA-28

6.09.2020 City Council Resolution (R20-482)

5.21.2020 City Council Resolution (R20-478) for GA-23

5.21.2020 Resolution R20-478

5.08.2020 Resolution 20-477 Adopting Executive Order GA-21

4.30.2020 Hale County, City of Plainview Issue Judicial Order #2 / Mayoral Order #2 for Re-Opening Hale County and Plainview

4.03.2020: Declaration of Local Disaster Mayoral Order #1 - Clarification

3.31.2020: Declaration of Local Disaster Mayoral Order #1

3.19.2020: Resolution of Disaster Declaration

A letter from Hale County Judge David Mull and City of Plainview Mayor Wendell Dunlap