Code Enforcement


The City Council strives to make the City of Plainview a pleasant and beautiful place to work and live. The Council has enacted a nuisance ordinance that addresses a variety of issues.

Frequently Encountered Nuisances

The following are some of the more frequently encountered nuisances within the City of Plainview, but the list is not all-inclusive.

  • Inoperable (junked) vehicles - This is defined as an inoperative vehicle that does not have lawfully affixed to it either an unexpired license plate or a valid motor vehicle safety inspection certificate; that is wrecked, dismantled, or discarded; or that remains inoperable for a continuous period of more than 45 days.
  • Noxious weeds - This also includes other rank vegetation.
  • Accumulation of rubbish - This includes trash, refuse, junk, lumber, and other abandoned materials.
  • Any condition that provides harborage for rats, mice, snakes, and other vermin
  • Any building or other structure that is in such a dilapidated condition that it is unfit for human habitation, or kept in such an unsanitary condition that it is a menace to the health of people residing in the vicinity thereof, or presents a more than ordinarily dangerous fire hazard in the vicinity where it is located.

Nuisances Public Notice