Technical Vertical Rescue Team

Team Responsibilities

Technical Vertical Rescue Team

The Plainview Fire Department's Technical Vertical Rescue Team (TVRT) was founded in April of 2010. Originally, 13 members underwent two days and one night of training which involved:

  • Anchor and rope systems
  • Ascending
  • Descending
  • Rescue rigging
  • Individual rescue techniques combined with practical exercise in unison with the incident command system

This training certified these members as Technical Vertical Rescue Technicians level one. TVRT is another important facet of the Plainview Fire Department and takes pride in serving the community and surrounding counties when the need arises.

Equipment Maintenance

The TVRT team maintains rescue equipment and resources in a mobile trailer and is always ready for immediate response. The team periodically has practice and training drills to fine-tune their skills. This team is the newest asset to the department that provides an additional service to our community and the surrounding area.