Walking Tracks

Walking Track Distances

  • A mile measures 5,280 feet. A one-half mile measures 2,640 feet.
  • M. B. Hood Park's walking track is 2,360 feet, which is 280 feet short of one-half mile.
  • Givens Park's walking track is 2,420 feet (including the parking area), which is 220 feet short of one-half mile.
  • Regional Park (Kidsville)
    • Walking the perimeter of the parking lot back to and through Kidsville walk, out to the flag pole and back to your starting point measures 2,900 feet, which is 260 feet over one-half mile.
    • Walking just Kidsville walk to the flag pole one time measures 788 feet - you would need to walk this area 6.7 times for a full mile.
  • Stoneham Park's track is 2,002 feet - 2.5 times around this track equals one mile.