Preventing Frozen Water Pipes

Prevention Tips

When the temperature drops near or below freezing, frozen pipes can become a real problem for homeowners. The City of Plainview urges everyone to take some precautions to avoid a costly winter problem.

  • Exposed pipes are most likely to freeze. Outside pipes should have covers or be covered with insulation in some way.
  • In some cases, pipes can be wrapped with heat tape. Water can be allowed to drip overnight from a faucet, and cabinet doors should be opened to allow heat to get to pipes.
  • Mobile homes are mostly affected because poor or missing covers expose water lines to freezing temperatures.
  • Make sure the service line between the meter and your house is not exposed. It should be buried at least 18 inches deep.

More Information

If you have questions about preventing frozen water pipes, contact the Water and Sewer Maintenance Department by calling (806) 296-1169.