Ceremonial Requests

Proclamations, Special Recognitions and Letters

The Office of the Mayor is pleased to recognize the people, programs and events that make the City of Plainview a vibrant city by issuing proclamations and other recognitions.  Ceremonial items must have a specific connection to the City of Plainview, such as highlighting an event taking place in Plainview or honoring a Plainview resident.

Prior to submitting your request, please review the guidelines carefully to ensure that you are requesting the correct item and meet all the requirements.  Requestors are asked to provide draft language for the ceremonial items.  

Policy & Procedure for Ceremonial Items

Ceremonial items requested at least six weeks in advance have the best chance of being completed and provided to the requestor by a specific date.

The Office of the Mayor will make the final decision on whether a ceremonial item is issued and reserves the right to decline any ceremonial item without any further details. 

Form to Request a Ceremonial Item