New Business Information


The City of Plainview Code Administration Department, the Fire Marshal’s Office, the Environmental Health Inspector, and the Plainview / Hale County Economic Development Corporation hope that your new venture is a success. Below is some information about starting a new business in the City of Plainview, as it pertains to building, fire, electrical, plumbing, and health codes.

Checklist for Starting a Business

We realize that each business occupancy is unique unto itself. Therefore, the list that we have supplied is generic in nature, based on past experience. We strongly recommend that before you decide to lease or purchase a building, you check with the Main Street / CVB for the following information by calling (806) 296-1100.

Check with building official to see if any proposed construction work will need permitting. This may require floor plans of the building. Ph: (806) 296-1100

Properties located in the Historic Downtown District are subject to unique ordinances. Call (806) 296-1100
for more information and a copy of these ordinances.

On all commercial buildings, any electrical work must be done by a licensed master electrician.

Fire Department
Changes in occupancy may require structural changes to the building or additional fire protection systems.

Food Service
These types of establishments must also contact the environmental health inspector for their requirements and permitting procedures. Ph: (806) 293-1359

On all commercial buildings, any plumbing work must be done by a licensed master plumber.

Check for permit requirements on any new or existing signage.

Check with the zoning administrator at City Hall to ensure proper zoning for proposed business. Ask if any landscaping requirements apply. Ph: (806) 296-1100