Pet Surrenders

What You Will Need

If you decide you must surrender your pet to the shelter:

1) Be aware that the shelter will take over all ownership rights and responsibilities for the animal immediately

2) There will be no ownership rights to the animal. 

If you think you may need to give up your pet because of your circumstances or due to an issue with the animal, please consider the decision carefully. 

Please bring all the information you have about your pet (shot records, spay / neuter confirmation) as well as the surrender form when you bring the animal into the shelter. The information in these profiles will help us care for your animal and make informed decisions about the animal you can no longer keep. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that your pet will be adopted or transferred.

Surrender Fee

   $30 Per Animal

 •  $10 Per Animal in a Litter

Surrender Form

Please bring the surrender form to the shelter with the animal.

Contact Us

For more information on surrendering your pet, please contact the animal shelter by calling (806) 296-1100.