Fees & Licenses

Animal Registration/License Fees

Section 2.01.004 Ordinance 22-3729, sec IV (5-136), Adopted 5/19/22


Impoundment Fees 
(Per Animal, except Livestock)
First time in 12-month period$50.00                                                                            (refundable upon providing written proof of spaying/neutering of animal within 30 days of impoundment)
Second time in 12-month period$75.00 + $200.00 surcharge if animal is not spayed/neutered
Third time or more in 12-month period$100.00 + $200.00 surcharge if animal is not spayed/neutered

Impoundment Fees 
(Livestock, Per Head)
First time in 12-month period$75.00
Second time in 12-month period$125.00
Third time in 12-month period$200.00

Animal Registration/License Fees
Animal License Fee, through Local Veterinary$10.00
Duplicate license fee, through Local Veterinary1/2 of license fee
Dangerous Dog License Registration Fee$100.00
Multi-Pet/Breeder Permit$100.00

Boarding Fee, Per Day
All Animals except Livestock$15.00

Quarantine Fee, Daily$25.00/ 10-day min.
Pick-up Fee for Animal to be Quarantined$35.00

Animal Surrender Fee$30.00/under 6 month $10.00

Redemption Deposit in lieu of rabies vaccination (refundable upon proof of vaccination)$30.00
Shipping Fee for Rabies Test$50.00
Wild animal - Scientific or Educational Purpose$25.00