Planning & Zoning Administration


The City of Plainview has different zones for different uses. If you are looking at a piece of property for a house, business, or other use make sure the property is zoned for that purpose.

For more information on zoning, contact zoning administration at (806) 296-1100.

Plat Application and Submission Requirements

For any Plat submission, these are required before filing:

               Fully completed City of Plainview Plat review application.

               24” x 36” printed copy of the Plat

               Tax Certificate showing all city taxes are paid up

               All Application Fees must be fully paid

Preliminary Plat:

               Filed out preliminary plat review application

               Full application filing fee

               A 24” x 36” printed copy of the Plat

               Plat needs to be stamped “preliminary plat”

Letter of transmittal stating briefly the type of street surfacing, drainage, sanitary facilities and water supply proposed

(See Plat submission)

Final Plat:

Final plat with all changes incorporated, that were imposed by the city through the preliminary plat process.

Tax Certificate

24” x 36” printed Plat (5 copies)

A set of detailed plans signed by a State of Texas registered engineer showing streets, alleys, culverts, bridges, storm sewers, water mains, sanitary sewers and other engineering.

Consolidated Preliminary and final plat

               See preliminary and final plat requirements

Minor Plat Amendment

               See preliminary and final plat requirements

               Submit to the City Manager a statement

                              Detailing the specific minor plat request

Identify the subsection of the TLGC that permits the plat to be amended without requiring a replat (212.016 Amending Plat)

For City of Plainview Codes regarding plats, click here.