Building Safety

The City of Plainview has adopted the 2015 International Model codes. Aside from the use of the Model codes to keep buildings safe, the Code Administration’s office and the Fire Marshal’s office offer several features to help the citizens of Plainview keep their buildings safe.

The Fire Marshal reviews all building plans as they relate to the adopted Fire Codes. This is part of the permit process.

Additionally, we offer a “courtesy evaluation” for persons interested in building or remodeling. This can be a huge benefit for those persons wishing to purchase or rebuild a structure for commercial or personal use. This is a free service. It can help the prospective or current owner know, in advance, what changes or requirements may be required before the building can be used for the designated purpose.

The Fire Marshal’s office also offers residential home inspections upon request. Any homeowner can call and request a fire inspection. This is also done free of charge.

For more information, contact the Fire Marshal at (806) 291-1251.

Tips For a Safer Building

  • Unlocked and unblocked exit door and pathways provide for fast and easy means of egress in the event of an emergency for both the owner of the building and anyone that enters.
  • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors keep watch over your home or building even when you don’t.
  • Be sure at least one window in each bedroom will open enough to get out. If you are trapped in a bedroom during a fire, the window is the best way out.
  • Clear and easy access to all electrical panels should be maintained. You never know when you may need to turn something off in a hurry.