Animal Advisory And Appeals Board

Board Responsibilities

The Animal Advisory and Appeals Board consists of one (1) licensed veterinarian, one (1) municipal official, one (1) person whose duties include the daily operation of an animal shelter, one (1) resident of the city who shall not be an employee of the city and one (1) member of an animal welfare organization.  

The duties of the board include the following:

  1. Make recommendations on animal services.
  2. Hear appeals of denial or revocation of registration of an animal or the revocation of or refusal to issue a permit.  All decisions by the board regarding the aforementioned items are final.  The board may establish rules of procedure regarding such appeals.  

The appeals board provided herein shall also act as the animal advisory committee which shall meet as prescribed by state law in order to ensure compliance with Chapter 823 (animal shelters), of the Texas Health and Safety Code, as amended.